Our target

BioSuperfoods is born of the interest in recovering and disseminating a part of Andean culture as important as nutrition of an ancestral population, who should consume high energizing food amounts to develop their activities in extreme conditions, both in the Andean summits higher than 4,000 meters as in the depths of the Amazon rainforest..
Today these ancient foods are rediscovered and brought to modern life under the generic name of "Super Foods" because of its high nutrient content and active bio-elements, and processed according to the characteristics of a citizen of the XXI century to cover satisfactorily the need for recover a healthy lifestyle with a balanced diet, rich in nutrients, and providing full compatibility with the times and manner of modern life.

Our premise

Our commitment is to ensure the highest quality in all our products, for which we carefully select the best growing areas that meet some stringent requirements, thereby obtaining the best raw material as ideal way to ensure the high quality of the final product.
All this combined with the comprehensive controls carried out throughout the development process resulting in a line of premium products that guarantee full customer satisfaction.
To guarantee the final quality of all our products international, we have different international quality certifications, as well as the FDA approval.

Our philosophy

The care and respect for nature are our greatest concern. That is why usually selected elements from traditional agriculture that does not use pesticides for cultivation, jolting any product related to intensive agriculture and / or genetically manipulated.
Also in our processes we are involved with environmental conservation, having trained our staff in management systems and environmental education, and processing our products exlusively in plants with organic certification of jobs and processes. We got a good balance of sustainable development, offering products of high quality to the society, having the maximum respect for the environment and promoting the development of rural communities.