Our specialities


From highlands to the rainforest, we look for the best crops in order to giving you premium products

Natural products

Premium Nutraceuticals achieved from premium products becoming from organic/ecologic farming, duly processed in a protective atmosphere

Health life

Our commitment: to contribute in a natural way in the feed in order to maintain a full and happy life, healthy and full of energy because you are that which you eat

Dried maca

Junin highlands give us their biggest treasure, Maca, specially nutritive food that we process in different presentations

Tropical fruits

Aguaje, Camu camu, Blueberry, Acai... this are some fruits we work with in order to give you the best dietetic supplements.

Amazonian products

Maca, Huanarpo Macho, Sacha Inchi, Chuchuhuasi and other species are complements we use in our products.