Maca Liquid Extract 10:1

Using yellow, red and black maca in equal parts we obtain this concentrate by a slow cold extraction (hydro-alcoholic extraction) that guarantees the incorruptibility of maca nutrients, also taking advantage of a high percentage of other bioactive substances which contains such as macaenes, macamides or glucosinolates.

Due to its high concentration (10 kg of maca root to produce one liter of extract), becomes in the best option for quick results since its absorption is instantaneous and has a ratio of nutrient utilization around 60% - 70 %, a percentage much higher than the other traditional business presentations.
This means an efficiency far superior for containing only the bio-elements that are at the root of maca extracted during the process, through which all the "indigestible" substance of maca is discarded, therefore unassimilable, and its nutrients ratio is ten times the volume of the container (relative to its weight of powdered maca).

Presentations: 30 ml - 50 ml - 120 ml - 1000 ml
Bulk sales: 25 litres drum